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Ian William Cheeseman verstorben

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Ian William Cheeseman died Friday November 30 in London, England.
He was born in Chatham, Kent, England on October 6, 1949, the son of Elizabeth and Douglas Cheeseman.
Ian had a rich and varied career. He enlisted in the British Army at age 15 and served in the 42nd Highland Regiment, Black Watch, the Royal Corps of Signals and as a Royal Marine. A gifted photographer, he worked for the Press Association in Great Britain, where he was one of the photographers assigned to the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Princess Diana. He was also a talented and fluent writer, with a range of knowledge in countless fields. He was the editor-in- chief of Computer News, a weekly publication in the UK, where his work often appeared in the Times of London and the Financial Times. Most recently, he was the founder and president of LVA Corporate Communications, where he used his talents on behalf of his clients in the high tech industry.
He was a skilled marksman, excelling in the very specialized sport of long range, high power rifle shooting. He participated in the Palma Cup championships, considered the Olympics of this discipline. He was the founder and head coach of the Young Eagles, the United States under 21 and under 25 teams who compete in Palma Cup World Championships. He was very proud of all of their successes, including gold and silver medals in the last three world championships.
He became an American citizen in 1994 and loved his adopted country with a passion, though he never lost his love of Scotland, where much of his family originated.
Ian is survived by his stepmother, Eileen Cheeseman of Gillingham, Kent, England; his wife, Holly Hayes Cheeseman of Niantic, CT; three daughters, Victoria Cheeseman of Greenbelt, MD; Abigail Young and her husband Michael of Kensington, CT; Sarah Patterson and her husband Thomas of Chesapeake, VA; two sons, David Cheeseman of Niantic, CT and Douglas Cheeseman and his wife Stephanie of Falls Church, VA; and four grandchildren, Emma and Kieran Patterson and Ethan and Zoe Young. He is also survived by his beloved dogs, Belle and Madducks, whose love and devotion so brightened his life. He was a loving father and husband, a loyal friend and colleague, and a brave and valiant warrior to the end.
Funeral services for Ian will be held on Tuesday, December 11 at 1 PM at St. John's Episcopal Church, Main St, Niantic CT, with cremation to follow. There are no calling hours.
In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in Ian's memory to the following: Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue, c/o Patrice E. Irvin, treasurer, 120 Patrick Lane, West Lafayette, IN 47906, to help the dogs he loved so much; Hartford Hospital, Attn: Fund Development, 80 Seymour Street, PO Box 5037, Hartford CT 06102 and designated for the transplant program, in recognition of their kindness and compassion; Palma Promotions Inc., PO BOX 441, Mineral VA, 23117, ATTN: Young Eagles, to support young marksmen and women.
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